Whey Protein - Advanced

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Naturally Sweetened with Stevia

  • 26 Grams of Protein from Whey Isolate per serving Fortified with Prohydrolase
  • A new clinically researched proprietary digestive enzyme formulation, which:
    • Provides Up to 3 Times More Protein Absorption And Up to 55 Times More Amino Acids in the Bloodstream Compared to Other Leading Protein Enzymes.*
    • Supports muscle building and improved recovery time*
    • Helps ensure smaller protein peptides are formed which helps maintain normal CRP levels.*
  • Contains:
    • 2.7 Grams of Leucine
    • Lactose - Free
    • Low Cholesterol
    • Low Fat
    • Only 3 Grams of Carbs

These profiles represent the typical percentages naturally-occurring in whey protein isolate. These numbers can slightly fluctuate from batch to batch as with all natural protein sources.

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